The use of recyclable products in the SA roads industry

Tafadzwa Mafuma, AECI Much Asphalt


With all the waste generated by humanity on a daily basis, the roads industry has a responsibility to find sustainable applications for materials re-use and recycling whilst maintaining product quality and performance at the required standards.

In recent times, the recycling of glass, plastic, slag aggregates, ground tyre rubber and reclaimed asphalt in fresh asphalt has been on the rise with several research projects coming to fruition to show not only what is possible, but also what the caveats are surrounding the use of each. This will be presented using several case studies, both at laboratory and in-service scales.

In order for recycling of materials to be more viable, databases on road construction materials that are being used at present need to be comprehensive and informative during the design stage of recycling projects. Prospective ways and benefits of digitising such databases are explored and presented, aiming at promoting efficient strategies for recycling in the roads industry.


Tafadzwa completed her BSc Eng degree in Civil Engineering at UKZN in 2013 and is currently completing her M-Eng in Pavement Engineering at SUN. She has extensive experience from both contractors’ experience and on the quality and technical focus from an Asphalt suppliers’ perspective. She currently holds membership of ECSA, SAICE and SAT.