Application and implementation of new asphalt specifications on projects: Learnings and pitfalls from the South African perspective

Francois Le Roux, Nyeleti Consulting

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Linking the Technical Standards, Guidelines & Manuals can be the difference between the (un)successful implementation of a project. The importance key role players in understanding the link of appropriate information into the project specifications cannot be understated.

The current COTO Standard Specification aims to incorporate the latest design requirements for asphalt mixes, referencing all the latest design Guidelines and Manuals as part of the Specification.  This ensures that all contract parties are required to comply with the latest information and technology pertaining to Asphalt.

The current Frankenstein approach of combining multiple Technical Standards, Guidelines & Manuals can lead to the specification requirements which is on opposite sides of the performance specification spectrum, for example, N300 Gyration Parameter specification for a Level III Manual 35 mix.

This presentation discusses the new specification, focusing mainly on the implementation of the new COTO specifications in specifying asphalt mixes in line with the proposed design. The linkages between structural pavement design and specification thereof, asphalt mix design and field performance are discussed and debated extensively. The outcome of this presentation therefore highlights the roles, responsibilities, and in particular, the relationship between the Client, Consultant, Supplier and Contractor in as far as project specifications extend.