Reasons for Joining SAT

Members Only Area including technical exchange, exclusive invitations, information and our SAT CHAT professional social community.

The SAT Council and member community work hard to deliver value for all members. This includes

  • Free informative “members only” content on the SAT website;
  • Invitations to attend industry forums (live or webinars), which attract CPD points, at discounted rates;
  • Information and technology exchange at all levels via workshops, seminars, conferences and online platforms;
  • Technical publications and audio-visual material;
  • Participation in SAT presentations, attracting CPD points;
  • Education, competency testing and recognition for achievement;
  • Skills transfer between members;
  • Cross pollination of ideas;
  • Valuable opportunities for inter-generational debate and discussion;
  • Updates on asphalt research;
  • Opportunities to share your views as a member of SAT at industry forums;
  • Recognition of excellence by members;
  • The skills of professional or technical advisers, consultants and examiners who may be commissioned by SAT from time to time;
  • Consistent value through tough economic times when it becomes all the more critical.

There are numerous opportunities for members to participate in SAT initiatives which help to further the reputation and professional standing of the asphalt industry in South Africa and internationally.

Examples of Technical Exchange, Papers & Insights you will have access to as a member

There are numerous opportunities for SAT members to collaborate in the interests of sustainability in the asphalt sector. SAT is a great platform to discuss new technologies to fulfil infrastructure requirements, to promote training, and to collaborate with likeminded international organisations to share best practice and innovation.
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Herman Marais, SAT President Much sphalt
Attracting more people to the industry is key. Through collaboration with higher education institutions, SAT can help attract more students in asphalt technologies and support relevant research in progress.
John Onraët, SAT Operations Manager