Bronze Sponsor: AECI Specialty Chemicals | Vinex Additives

AECI Specialty Chemicals is a highly diversified industry-focused business serving a broad spectrum of 1 200 customers across sectors that include personal and home care, lubricants, rail, oleochemicals and mineral oils, coating and construction, polymers, sanitisers and disinfectants, road construction, can coatings, fire and specialties.

The business’s two-fold value proposition includes an international principal-driven traded portfolio backed by a local supply chain and technical expertise, and a locally manufactured offering supported by application know-how. We manufacture more than 200 products and trade 380 products from 104 principals .

Vinex Additives offers specialty chemicals and high performance solutions to enhance our customers’ capabilities and requirements.  

We are continuously developing new technical solutions to solve the multiple challenges which the bitumen industry is confronted with. Our Research and Development programme is supported by comprehensive pilot plants, high tech analytical laboratories, applications testing facilities as well as experienced synthetic chemists and application engineers.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide products that are unique, cost effective and consistent in quality.