Design testing best practice in the Midwest United States of America

Elizabeth Pastuszka, E&B Paving Inc


The hot mix asphalt mix design process and testing technology are moving at such a rapid pace that it may create different challenges than the current benchmarks used for mix analysis.   It is as important as ever to be able to review and track where the local industry is currently and where it may be heading.  To accomplish this, the analysis and data gathering using software outputs between Contractors and localized agencies will be reviewed as well as some current testing specifications and requirements.  The specific software outputs to look at for the state of Indiana include the Illinois Flexibility Index (IFIT), IDEAL-CT and Hamburg Wheel Tracking Test. It will be discussed how determining a baseline for Contractor mixes is imperative to collect using these software outputs from both laboratory and plant mixtures. By analysing overall data for these Performance Testing methods, Indiana Contractors will be able make sustainable and economic decisions on mix designs and as-produced mixtures.


Elizabeth holds a Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering from Michigan State University and a multitude of industry-based qualifications including Superpave and Balanced Mix Design methodology. She has been active in industry for 18 years starting in Indiana Department of Transport to her role today in the Contractors’ fraternity. She is the co-chair for the Women of Asphalt branch in Indiana and participates in several industry committees surrounding technical analysis and performance testing.