Inaugurated in 1994 at the Conference for Asphalt Pavements in Southern Africa (CAPSA’04), SAT is a learned society of individuals as opposed to an association of companies such as the Southern African Bitumen Association (Sabita). SAT is governed by its constitution (click here) and is committed to fostering technical and professional excellence in all aspects of the manufacture and use of asphalt and bituminous products. SAT maintains an active association with South African and international professional bodies and organisations (see Links) to provide a conduit between local practitioners and global developments in technology. Of particular relevance is the close working relationship between SAT and the Asphalt Academy, which focuses on the development, production and presentation of training material relevant to and required by the asphalt industry.

Membership is made up of individuals ranging from students, laboratory assistants, technicians, asphalt plant operators and technologists to engineers, company managers, directors, construction personnel and researchers.Either independently or in association with bodies such as SabitaCapsa ‘19 and the Asphalt Academy (AsAc), SAT promotes continuing professional development by organising and staging conferences, seminars, workshops, lectures and other functions to ensure that relevant technology is exchanged, advanced and communicated throughout the asphalt and bituminous products industry. Achievement may be recognised through the award of appropriate certification.

SAT may also produce and distribute relevant papers, periodicals, books and circulars to ensure that the latest technology is accessible to the full spectrum of its membership.   The Society is managed by a national Executive Committee consisting of the President, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer. The balance of Council is made up of the four elected regional chairmen as well as the CEO of the Asphalt Academy and the Executive Director of Sabita both of whom are appointed to the council in an ex officio capacity. (see Contacts). Issues such as membership, technology, finance, development, seminars, education and training programs are handled at regional level under council guidance.  Asphalt practitioners throughout southern Africa are strongly encouraged to become members of SAT. Senior members may be appointed Fellows of the Society, and other members are graded, according to age and experience, as Ordinary, Associate or Retired members. Honorary members may be appointed by the National Council, at its discretion and when appropriate. (see Membership)

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