Conference Repository


Thank you to all attendees to our inaugural SATBinderrr conference. The presenters, focus area chairs and mentors did a fantastic job, led by a dedicated team of organisers. All these key players gave a great deal of time to ensuring the success of the event. Our generous sponsors ensured that it was financially viable and once again demonstrated their critical support for our industry. The delegates made it all worthwhile.

SATBinderrr conference, the first in the Society’s 27 year history, to showcased the talents of younger up-and-coming professionals and women in particular. The four focus areas around which the conference was planned – Binders, Seals, Asphalt and Pavement Design – were chaired by leading women in technical roles. A balance between established wisdom and new ideas was achieved through the involvement of a large and very select group of top industry experts who stepped forward as mentors to the presenters.

Please enjoy experiencing the conference again via this recording (below) and through the presentations and papers of the speakers available on this page as well.